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Hear the Stories

(Acworth, GA)
After waiting four months on my tree service to get their stump grinder out to do my stumps they left, I was a bit frustrated. The only communications we had was when I called and they told me it would be a few more days which always turned to weeks. I called Stump Masters on Thursday, I talked with the owner, he came out late that evening, and I told him of my dilemma . My backyard was a disaster area and I had four yard projects waiting on the stumps to be ground. David, the owner/operator told me he might be able to work me in-between his scheduled jobs and if I didn't mind late evening work. Friday evening Stump Masters was on my job working almost till dark and bright and early the next morning he was back to finish before I headed out to play my golf tournament. I am a happy camper, my yard projects are back on schedule and I'll be able to enjoy my backyard before summer is out. He even apologized for the bad experience I had with my tree service and said I was one of many calls he comes to the rescue on. I was totally impressed with his business ethics and the quality job he did on my property. His add which said "Retired Air Force Veteran" caught my eye, I picked the right company to call and I'll know who I'll call when I take more trees down.

(Historic District - Marietta, Ga)
I had a huge century old tree, about 80 inches in diameter, taken down a few years ago after a lightning strike. The tree company brought a huge stump grinder out connected to a 4x4 truck while I was out of town and commenced to destroy the remaining stump, so the neighbors tell me. When I returned there was a pile of wood chips that took me four months to relocate. At the bottom of the pile was the remnants of the stump right at ground level and roots were still exposed around the stump which rendered that part of the yard useless. I called Stump Masters and David came out the same day, inquired what my plans for the area was, quoted me a price, which I accepted, and two days later came out and did a wonderful job on the stump and surrounding roots. He even relocated the wood chips to my compost pile and left the area ready for me to plant. Stump Masters is the kind of company that every homeowner only hopes they are calling. On a scale of one to tenůStump Masters is a twelve.

(Alpharetta, GA)
I had a tree service take down a Bradford Pear tree in my front island area about a year ago. I told the service my plans for the area and they said no problem. They cut the tree and ground the stump and was paid. Now when I'm ready to work this area I find I can't do anything because the stump is just below ground level and everywhere I dig I hit roots. As a single mom I didn't know and took their word that the job was done. I called Stump Masters and talked with the owner. We discussed my plans for the existing area and I told him I wanted to finish the work within the next 48 hours. Mr. Butler told me it would be at least 72 hours before he could get the utilities marked and he couldn't do it before then because of utilities in the area. I told him that the other company didn't have the utilities marked before they did their worků.duh! When he came to do the work, after the area was marked, I could see why he was so concerned. He had to hand dig to find the gas line, electric, phone and cable lines which ran right through the area I needed for him to grindů.not to mention my sprinkler system. He worked meticulously around all that and I was shocked at the maze of roots that he was grinding out for me. I thought the price was a little high when I was quoted but when he was finished I knew that I had gotten a great price for the work he had to do. When he finished, all my utilities were in tact and the stump and roots were history. Now I know why the first guy stopped at ground level. I was fortunate to have called "Stump Masters", David puts the "P" in PROFESSIONAL.