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Evaluate Your Needs!
How big are your stumps?
  Stump diameter is measured diagonally across the stump at the widest portion where the stump meets the ground. Stump height is measured from ground level to the top of the stump where the tree was cut.
What do you want to do with the space that the stump occupies?
  1. Get rid of the trip hazard. The stump is ground to a depth of approximately 4 6 inches below ground surface. Normally in island areas where there is no plans to plant in that particular spot.

2. Plant flowers or grass. The stump is ground to a depth of approximately 8"-10" below ground surface to allow for a thick layer of fresh potting soil to promote growth.
Are your tree roots visible and causing problems?
  Many southern trees (such as Oaks, Maples, Sweet Gums, River Birch, Willows, and others) have extensive root systems that travel along the top of the ground. These roots present tip hazards, produce sucker sprouts and if large enough could break the crank shaft on your lawn mower. If this problem exists, you should consider having the surface root system removed along with the stump.
What about your underground utilities?
  If stumps are located near underground utilities, we make a request for the Georgia Utilities Protection Service to have the utilities marked at no cost to you. However, there is an additional charge if we have to hand dig around the utilities.
So what is your cost?
  We have no standard "per inch" or "per stump" cost. Our service is based upon your specific needs for each stump you wish to have ground. Our goal is to permit you to do what you wish in each area where a stump is removed. Free estimates are provided based upon our personal conversation or site visit, where we discuss your grinding needs. We find that on site estimate permits us to give you an accurate estimate without any surprises for you or us.
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